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OSHIFY is an occupational safety and health - software application that does a handful of things very well (see tools section), instead of many things poorly. It's simple design ensures a good user experience and a sustainable workflow which allows you to keep an efficient routine. It's designed to help businesses manage employee safety and health, comply with requirements such as Federal and State OSHA regulations, comply with workers' compensation insurance requirements and other requirements which are commonly used in the United States.

The Problem

Most small businesses are completely overwhelmed by all the "stuff" experts say you should be doing and eventually give up on trying to do safety. At best, companies are doing a few things, but they are doing them inefficiently, which costs the business too much time and money. These outdated workflows and procedures are not sustainable; and that causes small businesses to give up on safety.

In addition to all this, there is a preconceived notion that having safety "documents" means you are safe. This is partly due to the lack of any real solution to help employers, insurers, regulatory agencies and others gauge safety performance. So they request safety "documents" as if that will determine the safety performance of a business. OSHIFY is about "doing safety", not maintaining safety documents.

The Solution

OSHIFY was designed to leave almost nothing for the user to think about or do. This allows people without safety experience, to get up and running very quickly and easily.

OSHIFY is designed to be minimal because our research has shown that businesses who try to do too much, usually abandon safety after a short period of time - they give up because it's not sustainable. So OSHIFY is designed to prevent overwhelming the user with activities. Instead, users are given simple, yet highly effective safety task to do on a predefined schedule. They even get notifications / reminders to do their safety tasks. And because of a well designed workflow, these tasks are very simple and consume very little time compared to other safety software which may overburden users.

Our belief is, if you can use at least a few of the 5 OSHIFY tools routinely, your employee's will be far more protected from injuries, illnesses and fatalities; and your business will be more protected from operational and financial risks such as OSHA citations, work comp increases, lawsuits, lost contracts, poor safety statistics, and a poor reputation in your industry / market. And you don't need a safety expert on staff to do it.

Design / Workflow Philosophy

Because we want safety to be simple, we only have 5 basic safety tools in the app. 12+ years of safety experience, over 12,000 products later, and over 1,000 physical safety audits with small businesses in most industries across the United States has determined the selection, design and workflow of each tool. They are the heart and soul of OSHIFY and are the quickest and most efficient path to a vertical safety culture.

Some of the workflows you will find in the tools may be unconventional or quite different than what users are used to. This has been done deliberately and we have confirmed that no workflows conflict with any known state and federal regulatory standards. (Just because people have "done it this way for years" does not mean its' a good idea.)


Important: Read this page first.

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